Circus Arts Conservatory

Circus Arts Conservatory

The Circus Arts Conservatory Education Program

Circus, being unique, visual and exciting, offers a solid foundation for learning

This one-of-a-kind education program takes learning in the classroom to a new level. Our teaching artists go into Sarasota and Manatee County schools engaging students in key academic subjects including Science,

Language Arts and Theater. These inquiry based lessons were developed to New Florida Standards with FSA impact/awareness/results. Designed to include students that have difficulty responding to other traditional forms of instruction, the education program introduces students of all learning levels and learning styles to this unique curriculum. Measurements to date demonstrate consistent benefits to retention rates and test outcomes. We follow the Kennedy Center Arts Integration protocol because it is known that “when students learn through arts integration, they are engaged in experiences in which they actively build and demonstrate their understanding of both the art form and the other curriculum area.”

  • Engaging students directly and immediately, our circus-artists demonstrate principles of science, engineering, art, math, technology, communication, and theater
  • Capturing students enthusiasm first, we introduce a new perspective of key academic subjects through our distinctively engaging educational programs’ approach
  • Utilizing inquiry-based lessons, students learn to develop solutions through a question and analysis process
  • Encouraging creativity and introducing students to the circus arts and sciences, we accommodate all levels and learning styles, in a safe environment
  • Helping students recognize the importance of science, technology, and mathematics, we provide a kinesthetic learning experience
  • Following the Kennedy Center Arts Integration protocol, we subscribe to the idea that “when students learn through Arts Integration, they are engaged in experiences in which they actively build and demonstrate their
  • understanding of both the art form and the other curriculum area”
  • Having instructed more than 30,000 students in 32 elementary and middle schools, the Circus Arts Conservatory is proudly offering this educational experience since 2012
  • All lessons comply with Florida State Standards (FSA)


  2075 Bahia Vista St., Sarasota, FL 34239

(941) 556-5492

Circus Science or Why Don't Elephants Fly?

Program description

Circus,  a beautiful art form of movement and skill, is also a great lesson in physics. This series of 45-minute activities, provided by The Circus Arts Conservatory teaching artists,  are designed to provide interactive, hands-on experiences to reinforce basic concepts in physical science for the elementary student.

Covered in the lessons are:

Grades K-1 (two lessons)
gravity, force, motion

Grade 2 (three lessons)
friction, weight (introduction to mass), and acceleration.

An exploration of Newton’s Second Law of Motion, using a circus act with data collection and graphing, is included with each grade level.

For lesson review and further inquiry,  a website is available for use in the classroom or on the students home computer.  On the site, students will be able to look at circus acts and watch video on each of the scientific concepts discussed in each classroom lesson.

  • All supplies and workbooks will be provided by The CAC.
  • Lesson plan is provided.
  • Virtual PD upon requested.

Booking / scheduling contact

Karen Bell

   941-355-9335 x302

Program detail
Artistic discipline:
Cultural Origin: Array, Array
Program type: In-School Exploration
Population served: K-2
Subject: Language Arts, Math, Science
Bilingual: No

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Is transportation needed for this exploration?: No
Is financial assistance offered?: Yes

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Summer or Family Programs Offered?: yes