The Hovercraft Project

The Hovercraft Project

Intrinsic motivation anyone?  If you are looking for a project that will blow your students’ minds wide open, be completely relatable both pre- and post-project, and create a love for learning, then The Hovercraft Project exists for you. This project requires groups of 6 students to problem solve, in a team setting, to build a low friction vehicle called a hovercraft. After the hovercrafts are built, students must test multiple variables in order to adjust and optimize the performance characteristics of their hovercraft.  Why?  So they can compete in the hovercraft competition at the end of the day!

Oh and by the way, everyone rides who wants to – students, teachers, parents, volunteers, administrators, security guards, anyone that is present.  I guarantee adults will think, “I wish I could have done this in grade school!”

There is so much more!

“Learn to Love to Learn”

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The Hovercraft Project

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(847) 287-9242


Program description

ModiFri! provides two, small, individual projects for every student in your classroom.  Teachers will log on to an instructional video instructing students through each section of the project.  Students will generate questions, research their projects, and arrive at answers to their own questions.

Now it’s time to ModiFri!  If you think this was just about building a few STEM projects, there is a whole lot more.  Students will now take both projects and modify into one.  There are no instructions for this part of the project.  Students must get creative by discussing with others and they will have to think outside the box to make their project do something different than before.  Anything is possible.

ModiFri! builds on the Socratic teaching techniques used in The Hovercraft Project listed here on EdExplore.  Teachers are only allowed to help by reflecting questions back when students ask a question.  Teachers cannot help build the projects.  Teachers will pause the video when instructed and choose an appropriate testing area for projects in accordance with school guidelines.  This project allows students to collaborate verbally without having to touch the same project materials and allows students to work independently.  In our new normal, this project keeps STEM moving forward.

ModiFri! allows teachers to keep all project materials to help in illustrating learning later in the year.  Teaches may also opt to send the projects home with the students.  Teachers should expect approximately 2 hours to complete the project.  However, teachers can modify the project to take less or more time depending on how they choose to integrate current math and science curriculum.

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Matthew Chase


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Artistic discipline:
Cultural Origin: Array, Array
Program type: In-School Exploration, Online Virtual Exploration
Population served: 3-5, 6-8
Subject: Career and Technical, Math, Science
Bilingual: No

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$500 minimum covers one classroom


Is transportation needed for this exploration?: No
If Yes, who arranges transportation?: Other (see description)
Is financial assistance offered?: No

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Summer or Family Programs Offered?: yes