STEM Facts

  • It’s estimated that over the next 10 years, the nation could face a shortage of 1 million STEM workers
  • Scientific lab courses in most schools suffer from a lack of space and funding needed to provide materials to each student
  • Between 4th and 8th grades, the number of children reporting positive attitudes about math and science drops from about 71% to 48%


Founders Alisa and Curtis Craig, collaborating with 3 other Ivy League Graduates and Executive STEM Professionals, have developed a STEM curriculum encompassing their mission of ‘Creating a 5C Community’:

  1. Foster Curiosity
  2. Inspire Creativity
  3. Stimulate Challenges
  4. Encourage Collaboration
  5. Generate Connections

STEMania offers over 100 hands-on learning STEM lessons that can be brought to your school! Please contact us for more details.




STEM Warrior Challenge-Physics/Engineering Edition- Virtual

Program description

Teachers: Please note that this Exploration requires that materials be shared from the Provider to your students through you. Before you decide to participate in this Exploration, please ensure that you will be able to receive the materials from the Provider in a safe and healthy way and, importantly, that your Remote Learners will be able to obtain the required materials in time to participate fully in the Exploration.

Through this Virtual Exploration with STEMania, students will learn about different forms of energy (kinetic & potential) with a giant slingshot, simple machines with a marble run, and construction engineering and planning with Crazy Forts through 3 team-based hands-on activities.

Booking / scheduling contact

Jenny Shaw


Program detail
Artistic discipline:
Cultural Origin: Array, Array
Program type: Online Virtual Exploration
Population served: 3-5, K-2
Subject: Science
Bilingual: No


Fees / Ticketing:


Price varies depending on number of students


Is transportation needed for this exploration?: No
Is financial assistance offered?: Yes

Program info

Summer or Family Programs Offered?: yes