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What do Educators Say?

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EdExploreSRQ is a wonderful resource for teachers to use to assist with making academic progress….When I write a grant for one of the sponsored programs from EdExploreSRQ, I know I will be providing above and beyond hands-on learning experiences that are meaningful for my students

Freda Williams

Pine View School

Example Exploration: The Secret Garden & Sarasota Ballet

Why sign-up for EdExploreSRQ?

Reason #1 EdExploreSRQ was specially designed to help Sarasota County’s K-12 teachers and principals identify and match activities and services offered by local arts, culture and science organizations, as well as area teaching artists, with Florida Standards and benchmarks.

Reason #2 Both classroom-based activities and field trips are offered. You can even choose from an assortment of online “virtual explorations.”

Reason #3 Each of the explorations listed on our site is eligible for funding through rolling grants from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, as well as year-round grants from the Education Foundation of Sarasota County. 

How EdExplore Works

Example Exploration: Alta Vista Elementary and Big Cat Habitat

Step By Step With EdExploreSRQ

We know that your time is valuable. That is why we have made getting started with EdExploreSRQ as easy as possible. Simply use the search and filter functions at the top of every page throughout the EdExploreSRQ site to enter as much information as you know about the type(s) of activities you are seeking (e.g., Month, Grade Level, Subject Area). Based on the information you enter, the EdExploreSRQ database will match your choice(s) with activities offered by local arts, culture and science organizations, as well as area teaching artists, both as in-class activities and field trips. Each listing includes an overview of the program, its cost, how to contact the organizer to reserve space, transportation arrangements, and the Florida Standards the program or activity meets.


ALL programs and activities on EdExploreSRQ have been approved by Sarasota County School District staff to meet the Florida Standards listed, so teachers and principals can reserve them with confidence.

Florida Standards & Benchmarks

To access the specific benchmarks for each area please use the links below.

The Florida Standards:

English Language Arts


Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks:


Social Studies

Career and Technical Education Programs

Art, Dance, Music and Theatre

Many courses across all content areas have an Instructional Focus Guide available to teachers through Blackboard LEARN.

Arts Integration

The Kennedy Center’s Digital Resource Library ia a “digital resource that incorporates best practices for classroom and remote learning, providing you with tools to infuse the arts across the curriculum and engage all students” – and best of all, it’s free!

Field Trip & Activity Forms

All field trip forms are available on the district SharePoint site. Teachers should sign in to the site and they will find the necessary forms under “Forms” on the left side of the screen after sign in.

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County is extremely privileged to partner with The Patterson Foundation on this funding opportunity to ensure these marvelous experiential learning opportunities based on the assets we have here in culture, arts, the environment.

Roxie Jerde

President & CEO
Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Bookmarking Explorations

Once you register for EdExploreSRQ, you will have the ability to ‘bookmark’ your favorite Explorations, via a button on each listing, so you can find them easily later. Just login to the site before you begin your search, and bookmark away!

Applying for a Grant

How to fund explorations is always a topic of interest, especially for teachers and principals. That is why EdExploreSRQ offers the opportunity to search by price from ‘free’ on up. These searches and financial information help schools and teachers develop an Exploration budget. Visit our ‘Apply for Grants‘ page to learn about the many ways to find the funding you need.