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Deb Lombard

Deb Lombard

Deb Lombard has been bringing arts integration and dance programs into Sarasota County Schools for over two decades. One of her greatest joys is instilling the love of dance to students of all ages. And, for 30 years, she’s been doing just that.

Her career began at Syracuse University, where she

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Atmosphere - The Density Dance


Exploration Description

This lesson is on the structure of the earth's atmosphere. Participants relate concepts of layering, air density, and particles to the dance concepts of level, kinesphere, and shape. This exploration will focus on the layers of the atmosphere-Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere.
Lesson 1
Through fun and engaging movement activities students explore the dance elements BEST: Body,

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Exploration Detail

Exploration type: In-School Exploration
Subject: Dance, Science
Grade Levels 6-8
Length of :Exploration 45-50 minutes
Space / technical requirements:

Open space for the students to safely move in



Fees / Ticketing:

2-day residency

$300 per classroom (45 minutes per session)

$500 2 back-to-back classrooms

$600 3 back-to-back classrooms

These rates include meeting with the teacher before the residency and all materials and handouts for the students.
$25 travel fee for South County Schools per day

(Venice, Northport, Charlotte County)

Standards & Benchmarks



Is transportation needed for this exploration?: No

Program info

Summer or Family Programs Offered?: no



Steve Dragon, Former Principal  Southside Elementary

Deb has an infectious energy with young students. Her skill set is second to none.

Freda Williams, 6th Grade LA Teacher  Pine View

Deb brings her talents as a dance teacher with a strong understanding of the newest standards of education in the creation of one of a kind learning experiences for both students and teachers.