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Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents

What is EdExploreSRQ?

EdExploreSRQ is a web-based search platform that helps teachers find opportunities for their students to engage with the local community through field trips and classroom experiences that take full advantage of Sarasota’s abundance of science, culture, historical and arts organizations. Studies show that hand-on experiences help students learn more effectively, and stay in school longer.

Can I use EdExploreSRQ?

Although parents can’t sign up for explorations, they can use EdExploreSRQ’s provider page to learn about Sarasota’s many educational organizations and agencies. On this page, you’ll be able to narrow your field by subject, view all of our providers or search for a provider my name to learn more. Many of our providers also offer summer camps and weekend activities.

Do explorations take away from classroom time?

No, explorations are meant to enhance learning. All explorations meet Florida’s educational standards, so teachers can use them to reinforce the subjects that they’re already teaching.

Do I need to give my child permission to participate?

For in-classroom explorations, no permission forms are required. For field trips, you will need to sign a permission slip that will be distributed by your student’s teacher.

For Teachers

How can I fund an exploration for my students?

In addition to traditional funding sources available at your school, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Education Foundation of Sarasota County both offer grants for public and public charter school teachers from Sarasota County.
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What grade levels are EdExploreSRQ explorations designed for?

EdExploreSRQ offers explorations designed for students at all grade levels from K-12. Search our explorations to learn more. You can search explorations by type, cost, grade level and Florida educational standards.
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How do I book an exploration?

Once you find an exploration that’s a good fit for your students, contact the provider directly. Their email address and phone number will be available on the exploration page. If you have any challenges getting in touch with one of our providers, contact EdExploreSRQ directly.
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For Providers

I’m an existing provider, but I’d like to offer a new exploration. How can I add it to the site?

If you’re already listed on the Our Providers page, you can add a new exploration by using your existing login and password. Download instructions here.
Our Providers

How do I become an EdExploreSRQ provider?

If you’re not already an existing provider, but you’d like to become one, contact EdExploreSRQ directly.
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How do I become an exploration provider if I am a teaching artist?

There are two ways for Teaching Artists to be a part of EdExploreSRQ. The first is as a 501(c)3 or by working for an approved providing organization. Additionally, a Teaching Artist can function on EdExploreSRQ independently. The Arts and Cultural Alliance offers a program for independent artists called Artists in Schools which is listed on The Arts and Cultural Alliance provides a training program for prospective teaching artists that includes information about arts integration, Florida teaching standards, how to work in the Sarasota County schools (vendor badge, finger printing, school protocols, etc.), and provides assistance in creating a residency or performance that is aligned with the Florida standards. The Alliance vets the artist and the Exploration. Next the Exploration is vetted by the Sarasota County Curriculum Department for approval. Once approved the Teaching Artist will be given a user name and password and Explorations can be posted on the site. Once the teaching artist is approved and on the website, the Alliance provides some advertising, and also offers the teaching artists other opportunities to work in the library system and other community venues. If you are interested in the Artists in Schools training program, please contact Ria Cooper at The Arts and Cultural Alliance:
Learn More: Artists in Schools

Who can become an EdExploreSRQ provider?

Almost all businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies that offer standards-based educational programs for students in grades K-12 are eligible to become an EdExploreSRQ exploration provider. However, all explorations must meet criteria established by Florida education standards and be pre-approved by Sarasota County Schools. Contact EdExploreSRQ for additional details.
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How do I determine how much to charge for explorations? features Explorations that range from free to more costly explorations. Providers decide on costs based on their personnel fees, materials fees and in some cases transportation costs. There is no set formula.

These are the activities that children will always remember. These experiences shape what kind of learners our children become.

Dr. Laura Kingsley,
Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer